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How PayFas Works

Once you register on PayFas, you have several options to receive payment with or without a website.

Receiving payment on your website

If you have a joomal website.
If you have a wordpress blog.
If you have a drupal website.
If you dont use any of the above content management system, you can easily generate an HTML code to paste on your website to allow you accept payment for a single item at a time.
You can generate a free shopping cart that allows your customers to select multiple items on your website before proceeding to our payment page.

Developers can choose to integrate PayFas into their websites from scratch without making use of any of our ready made tools. Click here to learn how to integrate PayFas into your website.

For any of the above options, you will need to be a registered PayFas Merchant.

Receiving payment without a website


How to buy goods from merchant websites

  • Go to the merchant website and select the goods you want to buy.
  • Click on the checkout or payment button. You will be redirected to PayFas checkout page.
  • Review your ordered items, note down your transaction ID and select your payment method.
  • Provide your email address and submit.
  • On the card issuers' portal, enter your card details.
  • Thats all! You will be notified by email of your transaction while the merchant will be notified by email and/or SMS.

How to fund your PayFas Account

  • Register on PayFas here and login here.
  • Login and click Deposit Money.
  • Fill the amount and select the payment method.
  • Review the summary and click "Deposit Money " button.
  • You will be returned to PayFas after pament.

How to accept payment on your website

  • Register on PayFas here and login here.
  • Go to Merchant Menu and click Products , subscription or donation
  • Click here to have acces to our developers page for more info
  • Copy the code shown on the right hand side of the page and paste it on your website's html code. Paste it exactly where you want a button to be shown. Your customers can now click the button and pay online.

How to add my bank account number

  • Register on PayFas here and login here.
  • Click on "Bank Accounts".
  • Fill Bank Name, Bank State, Bank Branch Name, Bank Address, Account Name, Account Number (10 digit Account Number(Nuban))& Account Type.
  • Please Note that your Account Name must be the Name on your PayFas account. You cannot use third party accounts.
  • click submit.

How to withdraw money

  • Sign into your account go to 'Payment Menu' and click Withdraw money.
  • Fill the "Amount to withdraw", Select a withdrawal method and click on 'Continue'.
  • Select a bank account and fill your password.
  • Review the summary and click the withdrawl button.
  • The amount you are withdrawing will be deducted from your PayFas e-wallet and paid into your bank account. Payment may take 24-48 hours to take effect.

Banks Accepted on PayFas